Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When you get your Garden Box home

When you take you Garden box home, there are a few things you should do to be able to enjoy them for many years.
First, place a layer of small gravel on the bottom to allow good drainage.
Second, line the inside of the box from bottom to just below the top with a fibrous weed cloth. This will allow the water to drain but won't let the soil seep out from between the boards of the panels. The wood will shrink and swell with the weather changes.
Third. give the exterior of the box a couple of good coats with a good water seal. I recommend "Thompson's" water seal. You will want to do this every year, in the early fall and early spring. Do not put any treatment on the inside of the box as this will leech into the soil and kill your beautiful plants.
Next, fill the box with the soil you intend to use and give it a good watering. Let the soil settle for a couple of days. Plant your beauties and place new soil on top and give a good watering again.
And lastly, enjoy your flowers or veggies.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Redwood Garden (planter) Boxes

Hi, my name is Rick-Taiemon Aoyagi-Clark. I started woodworking my junior year in High School and feel in love with it almost instantly. I needed something that would occupy my time and keep me out of trouble. Since then, I have worked with wood whenever I have had the time. Over the years, I have built shelves, cabinets, desks and such. Then I learned that gardening was a great way to relieve stress and at the same time watch something beautiful grow and blossom. While planting my first tomato plant, I had a great idea. Why not build planter boxes (I call them Garden Boxes). I drew down some plans and began cutting lumber. The joy that I discovered soon led me to build other garden decorations like potting benches, garden bridges, arbors and, just about anything that one would like in their garden. I felt that my garden boxes were special and thought maybe other people would enjoy them in their gardens too. I have standard sizes that range from one foot square to five feet but, I also take custom orders and prices are based on square foot. I am also designing other shapes to add to the variety.