Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Organic Gardening

They used to call them Victory Gardens during WWII. Everything was rationed so that the troops would have enough to fight the war. Home gardens sprung up everywhere so folks would have food to eat that wouldn't cost them much. Today, They are called Recession Gardens. Hard economic times have hit everyone and with it, the price of vegetables have gone up. People are starting organic gardens in their yards, patios and, decks. These garden boxes are perfect. The redwood is untreated so there won't be any chemicals leeching into the soil. Use your own organic compost potting mix. Place the box in an area with a lot of sun, and plant your tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, or even just flowers. There is a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment planting a seed and tending a garden and then being able to feed the family.

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